Monday, April 30, 2007

Weaving project in the sun


It was a wacky crazy horrific week at work! There wasn't too much time to work on projects. I am working on one new baby blanket and of course my Weaving II project. Here is the inspiration picture along with the work in progress.

A sunny spot full of the yarn I am using. Light blues through black with a tiny touch of yellow as an accent color. The warp is a light grey tencel. The weft is a mix of yarns. I have yarn from Habu there as well.

Thank you for the nice comments on Hubby's garden. It has come a long way since we moved in. Here is a close up of the Dogwood flowers on the west side of the house.

Enjoy the great weather!



Sunday, April 22, 2007

My Honey's Garden

I just wanted to share these pictures of my Honey's Garden

My honey modeling the yucky tote for me!!

First Ever Bag


I finally used my sewing machine! I joined Woof Nanny's purse challenge It is not a pretty bag...actually it is kinda well sucky!! I know I'll use it when I go to the park for my water and any small knitting or crochet project. My next one will be better!! I didn't use a pattern..that was part of the problem! I used Tea Towels! That was the challenge. I should have used the heavier weight towel for the bottom half of the body and the lighter weight for the handles.

I do like the colors very much. I picked up a couple of tote bag patterns from JoAnn's they have McCalls patterns for $1.00 can't beat that!

We worked on the yard today. The irises needed to be divided in the worse way. I finished cleaning up the basement from last weekend flood. My yarn escaped damage!! I only lost a small bag of yarn that was going to be used for the Project Linus blankets. No biggie I have more yarn that I can make into blankets.

I've started an easy sweater for myself.

Here is my little Tomtar...isn't he cute?

Well we are taking a ride out for our great niece's 2nd birthday! Princess D...I'll take pictures of her and little Cannoli!
Enjoy the sun!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I've got sunshine on a cloudy day!

It was miserable out today so to make it sunshiney here are pictures of my favorite flowers from my yard...daffys, jumping jacks and an unidentified flower. It is very tiny and dainty. My across the street neighbors gave me all of their plants before they moved away and this little gem was one of them.

So I don't know what is up with all of the rain, but I'll tell you something the flowers are digging it!
Hugs to all!
P.S. if anyone is interested I'll have some more picture postcards on my currently under construction Etsy site!! Artsie is helping me organize myself!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Splish Splash I wuz takin' a bath!

I hope you all had a better Norteastern than we did!! We got an indoor pool in our basement. Not fun at all. I only lost a couple of books and a bag of left over yarn I had left on the floor. The Loom was on my cutting table still in it's bag! Thank goodness. A few area rugs met with an untimely end. Well at least there was no yucky sludge or mud to clean up!

So I have to do a final project for my Weaving II class. I have to create two related pieces. They don't necessarily have to be twill or even traditonal weaving materials. I can use whatever I like. This is the first time I have to do an Artsy type project since junior high...don't you dare ask when that was!! I ain't talking! I am thinking either 8x8 or 10 x 10.
The first piece I am thinking of doing is inspired by my favorite picture of the marina. The day I took that picture there was a nasty storm coming in. The water and sky was all blues, tealy, blacks, silvers and whites...The water looked so still like a mirror reflecting the turbulent clouds overhead.

My second piece will be based on a building I love on 57th street between 5th and park avenues. Do you see the angles? The colors are really cool. It is the same color family as the marina picture. I think I will do a twill and use wire from network cables so I can shape it some. This building is across the street from the Nike store. I love how it reflects the buildings across the street. It'll pick up the color of the sky and sun as well. This building is trying to squeeze into the space between two other old school buildings. It cracks me up! So what do you think?

Well let us see how this goes. The projects will be displayed at a show at Habu. Very cool!

Say a prayer for Virginia Tech families. My heart is heavy.



Monday, April 09, 2007


Easter was GREAT! I somehow got talked into cooking...I don't know how that happens, but it was fine.

My Mom was there, Artiste and her Opera Singer, My Brother NY Cop, his lovely wife, their two beautiful, my other sister Frankie and her beau the sweet quiet man and her three kiddies! I had so much fun.

It was the little one's 2nd we had cake.
Lots of cake! Tons of Cake!!!

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter too!



Sunday, April 01, 2007

Blue Boy

Blue boy! I think he turned out quite nice...It was super busy at work this week so nothing special to report. Weaving class on Saturday was good. Next week there is no class. The Saturday after we bring in strange materials to weave with...plastic, grass, paper...whatever! That should be interesting. For a new sock club for you sock knitters out there check out
Artsie and Opera Singer took us out to dinner on Friday. It was great to see them. They always make us laugh! It is so great to have a sibling that you can hang with!
I've a ton of daffys out in the yard. I'll take a picture and post.
Have a great night! I am pooped.