Monday, September 01, 2008

Yarny works...


As promised!! A couple of the projects I've been working on...

A baby sweater for Mimi..making it out of Cupcake yarn in Pink Lemonade from Lion Brand

Then another pink sweater I crocheted in a dusty pink for one of the girls at work...Just have to sew in the label and a couple of snaps.

Then a sweater I knit for myself (it only took me all summer!) yarn is Rowan Tapestry. Unfortunately I started it before Weight Watchers so it is way big...I lost 25 pounds Wohooo...I didn't take that into consideration when I was working on the darn thing. It is big, but I will wear it in the winter...I don't want to pull it out.

The bottom part before the seaming party...

Here is my new knitting it! it has lots of room for projects and needles...
Of course no entry is complete without a shot of Mimi...yep..those are her first two teeth..too adorable!

Well that is all for now...It is nice and sunny out so I think I am going to make a warp for the loom....some tsumagi silk is calling my name!

Next time...I'll share a bit of info on a knitting group I've joined...

Enjoy the great weather!



bonus! tap dancing mimi!