Monday, March 26, 2007


We have Twill!!! Yep! You can kinda see the weave slanting to left \ then to the right / all zig zaggy goodness! it shows best on the white stripe I think...I do have to kinda squitch my eyes!

How did I accomplish this twilly miracle...well that is were the stick with loops came in...each slot has two warp ends and each hole has one warp end.

Every other extra slot warp is picked up with the pick up stick. The loopy string - official name is leashes - is pulled off of the dowel and the placed in position by pulling a loop between each warp end and put back on the dowel. The setup shown here is for plain weave on either end the center bit is twill.

when I want to weave the twill part I bring the leashes forward and pull up

who would have thought!! I have to practice this week. Saturday we learn more cool stuff. Then we have off for Easter. We need to start our warp for the end of class project.
It was great to learn what the loopy stick was for!
I've tons of daffodils coming up...some hyacinths are blooming and the lilac will have a lot of blooms this year.
I have nothing on the needles right not sure what to make next. I am going to try a sweater next. A simple one.
Enjoy the great weather! Rumour has it that it will be in the 70s tomorrow!!
Hugs to all!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Foamy finish

Here is Lola looking at a finished Foam. This turned out real nice! Soft, light and very warm. I will enjoy wearing this in the cold cold server room! I am very happy on how this shawl turned out. I have a few skeins left. I am going to save those and use them in a weaving project.

Here is a close up of the lovely foam...

We had horrible weather in NY. I had to skip weaving class, the car's wheels were stuck in ice. blah! Amazing Thursday I went outside in a suit jacket!
Well next Saturday I will go to class and try to catch up. After I hope to pop into MAD and see the Subversive Knitting exhibit.
Now I need to decide what my next project will be.
Have a great night!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Oh Boy

So this is my first homework assignment from Weaving II. What it is for?? Beats the heck out of me...if there are any weavers out there that can enlighten me I would truly appreciate it. All I know is I had to tie the yarn off using an overhand knot...yea you're impressed...and the loops have to be the same length.

All will be revealed this coming Saturday.
The agony of waiting!!
Enjoy the great weather ! My daffys are starting to come up WAHOOOO!
Take Care!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Muy quiet en el Ranchito!

I started my Weaving II class yesterday. It was good...I think it is going to be a difficult class for me. eek! It is being held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn...a very artistic type up and coming neighborhood. For many years it wasn't considered safe. There are many great boutiques there offering one of a kind products. Well worth a look!

Right now my loom is in the teacher's Brooklyn studio. It is partially strung up...I know that isn't the right me out weavers!! The heddle is threaded and the rest of the warp is hanging there!!

Next Saturday we finish with the tensioning and winding of the yarn. We'll start weaving then, I guess. I'll have pictures next week.

My fluffy shawl is almost ready for an edging. I am really liking how it is turning out. Next I am going to try a cute sweater I saw.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

El Ranchito was muy busy!!

I finished my weaving project. I was happy to be done! Next Saturday is the first day of weaving II class! wahoo!! I get to go to the Yarn Tree in Brooklyn. I am really looking forward to it. This particular weaving I was hoping to make into a real elegant shawl for when we go out fancy, but it is soo delicate I decided to frame it. I think it was a nice experiment! I will try again maybe narrower and no gaps. The gaps would look real cool with I think wool..then I can lightly felt the wool.

I got in two packages on Friday! One from Inspirations Yarn. This is really beautiful yarn. It is called Foam 86% Kid Mohair, 14% Nylon. I love the color. I actually went back on the web site to order more foam and similar yarn in a red!! A certain sister maybe getting a little something something!!
The second package was from Elann. They had their Super Kydd for a good price. I love the chestnut color! I have a cute pattern I am going to try out...let's see how I do!!
Poor Lola!! More yarn! Where are my chew toys!! HMMMMMM maybe they are my chew toys??

Foam was so so beautiful I immediately started a shawl for myself!! Here it is looking out the window!

Here is foam reclining on the couch!! Oh cabana boy!! Where is my Mellon Ball!!

Have a fantastic weekend!! Go outside and enjoy the super weather!!