Sunday, April 30, 2006


It was a great weekend. We took a ride to PA to tidy up the place we are selling. It is incredible how many deer are running around looking for a handout.

Got some car knitting done. I finished a shawl that has been begging for attention. I think it looks pretty cool! I used a stockinette doing a knitted row on the purl side every so often and a pretty fan crochet edging. Nice warm alpaaaaaaca was used. The yarn is called Grinasco and it is from Italy. The color is berry.

I am going to go pick up a fushia for the front porch.

Have a great day!


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Stars as far as the eyes can see

I gifted one of the star blankets I made for my new great niece (or nephew) The lovely Princess D cuddled it and forgot that Great Auntie had already given her a star blanket when she was a little sprout. So adorable can auntie really say no to her..of course not!! Now I have one more blanket to go and I can start on something new.

Here is the lovely Princess D with her fave Auntie!

I'll be posting pictures of the garden. I've put out my tomatoes and herbs...I think it may be cold, but I'll cover them over with some coke bottles..we'll see if they survive!

Get out there and enjoy the nice weather!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh Yea Babeeeee! (one down three to go)

I finished one baby blanket. It was a nice quick crochet all done while sitting out on the stoop in the sun. I could get use to staying wouldn't be a good idea though, I would run out of cash pretty durn quick with my stash enhancement addiction. Now should I do another star blanket in a different color or something fancier. decisions, decisions!

Today I may either get my hair cut or go into the City. I have a hankering for some clam chowder from the oyster bar...mmmmm drool! I picked up a really cool pattern for a 194os suit. I want to visit a fabric store for ideas.

I've had the chance to watch the dog whisperer on tv. That stuff really works. Lola the killer dog was good as gold yesterday! There may be some hope of training the beast! yeeeeha!

Have some fun in the sun!!

Monday, April 17, 2006

Peace and Tranquility

I love this time of year. Busy season is over! I can take time off from work. Start a new knitting or crochet project, and start thinking about summer vacation.

My most favorite thing though is to go down to Great Kills and see the sunset. Every sunset is more beautiful than the last. The geese and ducks are coming back from where ever it is that they go. Songs birds whose name I don't know are fluttering around looking for a place to roost for the night. Lady bugs are all over the place. Music floats over to me from the boats that are anchored in the marina. Kids are riding their bikes and moms are looking forward to the little ones falling off to sleep after all the fresh air. Life is most certainly fine!

La Boheme was excellent! My daughter liked the end the best...hmmm.

Enjoy the picture!

Friday, April 14, 2006

First Ever Post

Welcome to my new home!

Yep, I finally did it! I am finally opening up my head for the world to see...I am soooo sorry! I love knitting (though I really, really stink at it) crocheting, I've been known to make a cute baby blanket now and then. I also love to take pictures. I hope to share some with you all. I have a pack of dogs. The monster of the pack is Lola. She steals yarn, hooks, needles, and gummy bears. The other mutts are pretty harmless.

Gardening is fun too...There are tons of daffodils in the yard this year. The tulips are gone though. A family of chipmunks ate them last year.

Kids, yep I've got two. One is a chef in Boston. The other is in high school and is driving me insane. I guess that is her job. I will be bringing her into the city tonight for a special torture um treat, we'll be seeing La Boheme.

I've posted a picture of New York minus the Trade Center. I am looking forward to seeing the empty space filled soon. I'll be posting pictures of progress as soon as the building begins.

Have a great weekend!

Stay out of trouble!!