Thursday, May 19, 2011

The hunt continues

So the job hunt continues...I have sent out 100s of resumes to the black hole that is the Internet. So far not a single nibble. I went to a couple of agencies - one raised my hopes (I should have known better) they had the 'perfect' spot for me. It sounded fantastic a well known hotel in times square - newly renovated a Tech Service manager...woohoo...nothing not a call back and no answer to any emails/calls. harrumph... At the suggestion of the mgmt. consulting place I've redone my linkedIn summary and my resume. I've gotten a few emails and calls from agencies, but nothing has come through. So where do I go from here? Do I retrain? ugh...I know how to do tech support and how to be an assistant. Which way do I go now? I make lists of my strengths to see if anything jumps out...lists of what I like to do...I cross reference them to see if there is a job profile hidden in there and so far nothing jumps out. I'll keep searching..if anyone has suggestions send them my way...nope no pole dancing in my future...I am not limber anymore!! LOL

Above a picture of the new Italian style garden at Snug Harbor. The plan there is to plant grapes and perhaps make some wine. Should be nice. I really like this garden. It is very peaceful and not at all crowded.

Little Mimi and her faithful sidekick Lola...I've a farm in the garden - potatoes and squash in the back garden, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, pole beans and zucchini in the front and side gardens. Should be an interesting harvest!

Mimi under the Chinese Snowball. I love this bush it is tremendous. I trim it back every year and it comes back even more beautiful and with tons more flowers.

Looks like the sun is finally out after a solid week of rain. I am going to sit outside and read some.

Have to work on HTML I am enjoying that. I can find and fix my mistakes. I have to see when the javascript class is going to be offered. It is something to do and keep my mind active. The classes are offered just off Canal Street right on Broadway. That area is crazy busy. There are tons of tourists going through chinatown. I love going to the bakeries there and picking up pork buns...yum!! I know there was a real good (and cheap) dumpling place. I have to see if I remember where it was. I love dumplings and noodle good! Next week I'll head out and spend a day taking pictures. I have to see how the WTC construction is going. There is also an Alexander McQueen exhibit at the Met. That is not to be missed. I wish I had a talent...

Until next time...keep dry!!