Sunday, January 28, 2007

Busy Babeee


Started and finished Kasumi Stole this weekend! Here are the pictures:

This was a real quick knit. I got the yarn at Habu - it was A-25 cotton chenille and A-28 Kasumi held together. Needles size was 17 and 35 for the cast off. Nice and easy. I will wear it tomorrow with a black turtleneck and grey slacks. Pretty me. Lola was very impressed. She didn't think I'd finish it so quickly.

Yesterday hubby and I went to see a play. It was very good. Very funny! I didn't think I'd like it so much. We saw - I Love You, you're Perfect, Now Change. I recommend you see it. Small theater. Seats were comfy we were in row N Left side, aisle for hubby's long legs. Lots of good laughs. What is interesting is the theater was a church.
We went to the 4:00 show. There was no traffic on the West Side, which is super unusual. We didn't go out to dinner we normally make a night out of it, but poor hubby was exhausted from working on the basement room. We just have to move the furniture in and we are done!

Next project on the needles - A stole: Using the wool and mohair yarn I picked up at Habu. There is the yarn looking all comfy cozy...I can hear Artsie...for me?! are getting Origami...your butt isn't as huge as mine so Origami will look Fabu on You my Sister!! Here is a closeup of stole...I think I will call it Chocolate Sundae...what do you think?

I also started drawing a new picture. That my friend will stay under wraps for now. Monet is the influence. It is a landscape. I like drawing it makes me happy!

Well I've got to start dinner...hamburgers and Neurenberg wurst for tonight. Yum!

Take care and stay warm!

Hamburgers for me!!! Wahoooooooo...LOOOOLA! down girl down!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kasumi to you baby!


Pretty productive weekend here in El Ranchito!! I finished a felted scarf project. I used Patons wool yarn and small river rocks to do those bumps...

I finished Origami...I don't like how it looks on me, but I'll wear it at just makes my butt look huge! Like I really need help in that area! LOL

So as a reward for being so darn good, Señor hubby drove me into New Yawk to Habu...hee know what is coming!! yep you know...I picked up my project from weaving class and TADA bought some yarn!!!
($94.00 on yarn so far this year)
It looks so pretty on my coffee table...heee twitching with excitment....hee giddy...ok ok...ahem. I picked up two kits. The one sitting with the candle is Kasumi Triangle Scarf. The one in the middle is Kushu Kushu merino and silk (ooooooo ssssssssssssssilk) stainless steel scarf. Yep you read that correctly my lovelies! stainless steel yarn! The cool thing about the Kushu Kushu is the merino will felt and the silk stainless steel will hold a shape! On the far right is some random yarn I picked up to do a wrap. Slubby wool, soft soft merino and some cool cotton tape to use as fringe. The last one will be my own design.

Fiber alert! For any fiber addict planning on being in New York first half of 2007...Radical Lace Subversive Knitting exhibit is on view between Jan 25th and June 17! I will be there on Saturday! I am looking forward to seeing this exhibit. Check out the web site

Well I am going back to my yarn...drats...actually I have to help Señor Hubby paint the basement family room...blah...

Take care of yourself!


Sunday, January 14, 2007

Love at first sight


Couldn't resist posting this piccy of my daughter and her cousin, Cannoli.

AWWWWW...too adorable!

Am still knitting away at is now 52" long...almost there!




Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bright Spots


Car is fixed! it was the long as it gets me where I am going I am happy!

We had a visit from our great niece and nephew, princess d and cannoli. They are soo adorable! So lovable! They look like little dolls! Of course they take after great auntie (through marriage LOL)

On the crafting front...I've started a new weaving project. It is sloooow going. I am using silk and hemp and it is very, very fine. No pictures yet...soon.

Am working on a knitted piece, cause I love multi-tasking!!

Origiami is from Knitovation. The yarn is Patons Divine. It is nice and soft and will be great for my cold cold server room. brrrrrr.

I have to start up with the baby blankets again. Lots of co-workers are expecting babies over the summer. Must be some kind of baby virus. Isn't it strange how you get waves of babies. Amazing! Well as long as it isn't me!!

Winter sale is going on now at Habu. I'll be stopping by on totally addicted to their yarn!

Keep warm it is starting to really get cold as heck out there!

I am calling up for chinese take out tonight so I'll be working on Origami...or maybe the blanket...

Hugs to all!