Saturday, July 29, 2006

Welcome Little Cannoli

My great nephew finally arrived!!! WAHOOOOOO! Little Cannoli. awwww so sweet.
Work is busy as ever.
Have started crocheting a shawl for myself. Using my own pattern. I am using yarn I ordered from handpainted yarns. So pretty. The color is alpine. it looks like my faded jeans. Full of dark blues - whites. Very nice. I will post a picture soon.

The secret object in my last post was a LOOM! A lovely Kromsky rigid heddle loom. So pretty..just waiting for someone to string her up...hmmm imagine the disappointment of people when they type that phrase into a search and come across Little Cannoli!!! Oh YEA babeee...hopefully I get a spot in Habu Textiles weaving class...keep your fingers crossed for me. I attempted to register too late! The last spot had just been sold..RATS.

We have had some weather here in New Yawk! Today however we have some gorgeous skies. This is from Central Park. So peaceful there. It is incredible that we are in the city. The Metropolitan Museum of Art has a wonderful Rembrandt exhibit. That was lovely.

Well smooches to all...I think I am going to get a new camera..hmmm...we'll see.

Play safe!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Raining Baby Blankets


Yep, yet another baby blanket!! This one is pretty cool. I came up with this one myself. I only have to do a few more rows of the edge and it will be done.

here is a close up of the rows...

I think it turned out pretty nice!

This is not the surprise...I have to figure out the instructions first!!

I will give you a hint!!! Can you tell what it is??

Hey the sun is coming out!! I am going out with my doggies!!

Have a great Evening!


Monday, July 03, 2006

Baby it is hot outside!


Nothing to report has been busy at work, but we don't talk about work here.

I am on vacation this week, so I am working on a new idea for a baby blanket. I may get it done if Lola Bird gets off my lap and hands..argh...she must be the center of attention. My niece is due any day now...poppin' fresh she is!!!
This is Lola-bird with her best..Mommy don't type please play with me!!

I refinished an end table that my darling daughter spilled nail polish remover on..argh. It looks pretty cool.

We did go into NY to see a Flamenco show. It was pretty durn good. It makes me homesick it does!!

Here is Ms. Ris with the guitarist... I think she enjoyed the show!

I'll have a surprise to show you all after the 4th!! OH BOY I can't wait!

Happy and Healthy 4th to you all!

Keep safe!