Sunday, September 17, 2006

Indian Summer

Happy Day!

It's gorgeous out! Look at that blue sky. This was taken downtown. I started my weaving class this week. It was a smart idea to take a class. I don't think I could have figured out how to weave from a book. I like that the class is a small size. The instructor and her assistant are able to give us all a lot of hands on help. Plus (and this is a very dangerous plus) it is held in Habu Textiles...umhmmmm...lots of temptation!

So Project Runway was really good. I couldn't believe they brought back Angela and Vincent. That collar Angela designed for the bolero made the model look like she was being picked up by the collar!! Vincent's dress was just terrible. What a waste of a 2nd chance. Laura dress was nice I liked it. I like that lace over fabric look. This week before my weaving class am going to stop by Mood. I want to make a dress for the little girls and maybe one for me! I haven't sewn anything in ages.

There is knitting going on in the house, but I can't show any!! It is Christmas knitting!! There is a cool spider in my garden..knitting away. So what is your favorite knitting project?

Here is a shot of my new do...I can spike it up for when I am feeling, as my hairdresser said, artistic!! She is the best!

Well, I have to go back to working on my budget for 2007...YUK!

Wish me luck!!



Saturday, September 09, 2006

Nieces and nephews


My sister, the Artiste, and I had a great time visiting with our nieces and nephews. A great time was had by all! The local yarn shop was closed, curses!! I did stand with my little nose pressed up against the glass. There is a real nice candy store in town and I had fun seeing the kids enjoy there giant lollipops! So adorable!

I did make up for it today. I went to Purl and got some lovely manos, Rowan summer tweed (on sale), a crochet magazine, a weavette to weave the bits of yarn into fabric and a lovely shawl pin made of glass.

The shawl pin is really pretty. I can't wait to use it.

Then I walked around the city and took pictures.

Here is a lovely parting shot.

Trinity church! You can kinda see the George Washington statue on the right. There are a lot of twisty narrow streets downtown.

Enjoy your weekend!