Monday, April 04, 2011

Am Still Here!

Hi all... couldn't resist posting at least one picture...I thought I'd post my favorite from was after a rain storm...we stuck it out in the market just outside plaza mayor. we came out and looked toward the plaza del sol and saw this rainbow! I feel like I am in a storm and soon a rainbow will appear and everything will be ok.

But anyway...enough of that!! I haven't fallen off the map..I've been teaching myself html/css...woohoo...let's see what kind of mischief I can get into!! Other than that I am working on the garden. Am planning on growing more vegetables this assuming that I won't be employed anytime soon. I am sending out resumes, but am not having any luck. I miss the old days...You'd call up your fave employment agency, they'd have you come in and within a week or two you had a job. It was so much more personal. Now you are sending out resumes and you've no idea who is reading them. You don't hear back...there is no connection. Something will turn up eventually. until then, I'll take classes and make stuff. I am hoping for a sunny day so I can take those durn pictures and post them to etsy. I have to finish drafting the 'angry bunny' character I want to screen print on some tee shirts. The elephants really turned out cute. Mimi wore it last night to bed...she looked adorable.

well back to coding...wish I was in Spain!!!!!




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