Friday, March 04, 2011

Passing the time

Yesterday I took a class at Make Workshop it's on the East side of Manhattan in silk screening. It was Sunday we have a 4 hour hands on lab. We will create stencils or draw our image on the screen and apply to whatever fabric we are using. I am going to work on a stencil for a cute 'angry' bunny I drew. I'd like to use a real bright purple and green combo for a tee shirt for Mimi. I'd also like to try free hand scribbles for a scarf that should be pretty cool. I'd love to work on creating a stencil for a Marimekko style print. The process is pretty simple. The hardest part is coming up with a design I can actually draw!! Something else that can be done is a photo can be transferred onto a screen. There is a place called Standard Screen that can do that for you.

Just around the corner from the class was the New Museum. The building is pretty interesting it looks like a tower made out of children's blocks.

Keep warm!!

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