Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I finally finished a purple vest I started some time ago. It needed something...I didn't know what so I came up with some cute lady bugs just to jazz it up a bit...

Worked on a butterfly for something else that is in my head..

here is a close up of those cute lady bugs...

a bug convention!

I submitted a few more resumes. no luck as yet! Looked through my linkedin profile it looks good...I have a lot of recommendations. Everytime I send out a cover letter I really just want to type in PLEASE HIRE ME you won't regret it!! blah...I've got to come up with something..this just isn't working for me.
The sun finally came out this afternoon and the first daffodil was out! Also saw a robin. Those always cheer me up.
I made a yummy lentil soup for dinner. The secret is to dice some potatoes, parsnips and carrots. Thinly slice some leeks (just the white part - I used only one) and a couple of celery stalks, leaves and all saute the veg in some olive oil until lightly browned and add to the lentils. So good...

Until tomorrow!

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