Thursday, February 24, 2011


Amazing how much you can get done when you don't have a day job to interfere!!!

First up - a silk scarf I dyed just before I was let go. I used Shibori tying technique, I then dyed it in a combination of tea/coffee (or Kawfee).

Next is a sweater I made out of bulky yarn. It is based off a granny square...I was making a baby blanket and I folded it when I was done for the night...I saw that there was a shape in arm and the body! Go figure...Why haven't I seen this before? I am sure someone out there has seen this before. I won't claim this one as my invention. I think it is pretty durn cool! So I measured it up against a comfy sweater I wear around the house, made a second granny - sewed it up the back and across the shoulders. I think it turned out pretty nice.

Next on the crafty band wagon is hairpin lace. I bought the loom ages ago - tossed it in a drawer for 'one day when I have time' So I have time now... It is pretty easy once you get use to how to hold it and your hands. Keeping the tension even.

and here is a baby blanket I made for someone special to me....I hope she likes it!

I am having an interesting time...mornings I search for a job...take long walks with Lola the terminator...then work on my yarn...after everyone goes to sleep I do on-line training. It is a pretty full day. Have started doing baking again. I stopped for a real long time.

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