Saturday, February 14, 2009

It felt like spring for a few days

Here are the girls in the park..nice to see the snow melting!

Chef came down to visit from Boston.

Here he is with Auntie and his crystal ball...he juggles those Lucite balls like the magician in labyrinth..

Here he is with his dad..Can you feel the love?

And finally some crocheting is being done! Here is a detail shot of the flowers I'm sewing on.

Cute simple sweater took all of a weekend to do.

Here is Mimi..or should I say mini me? She grabbed my hooks and was trying to do something with the yarn..too cute!

Am working on a second sweater...I should have that done tonight.

I finally hooked up my new cool!

Am working on a project...hopefully I'll have some pictures soon.

for now I am going back to finishing sweater number 2.

Happy valentine's day!



At 1:55 PM, Blogger Diane said...

Boy trying to crochet already?!?! What a gal. My granddaughter will sit on my lap while I knit with her hands on top of mine 'helping'. Wonder what we did before grandkids huh?


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