Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Mojo is back!


I got a lot done this week!

Handmaiden Yarn crocheted up into a flirty scarf. The colors are not showing as nice as in person. They are a beachy type palette.

Here is my weaving off the loom...Woohoo...Am playing with the new colors to figure out a nice pattern. I'll be using Tsumagi silk in medium and dark grey along with black and a red to punch it up. I love the yarn from Habu ! You always get such interesting love love it!

That weaving was fun to do...I used some on my Kuri Kura silk. It was lovely thick and thin.

I crocheted this little pinafore for Mimi. This was out of my stash work! No buying yarn for this little project. No pattern...kinda made it up as I went along. Hubby and I went to Target and picked up a little white dress for underneath.

Here is Mimi with her hooded blanket made by the lovely Ms. Pam. Ms. Pam is one of the ladies at work who gift every new baby at work with a handmade blanket.

This blanket was made by Nanny Franny. Isn't it fluffy?

For next week I have Mimi's summer dress to sew. I've cut it all out. I am looking at a sweater for myself. Coming up this month I am taking a class on two Saturdays at The Point NYC. A baby sweater class. That should be fun.

Am working on an art project that I am hoping to show at my favorite Park...more to follow on this one.
Enjoy your week...Daffys are starting to poke out of the ground!!



At 2:40 PM, Blogger Diane said...

Mimi is a very well dressed little one. The pinafore is so cute.


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