Sunday, February 24, 2008

This and that

Peek a Boo!!

So here is little Mimi..that kid won't stay still long enough for her Meema to snap a picture...I'd forgotten how wiggily babies are!

So am working on my weaving. Am almost done with my bus knitting, a shippo scarf. I tidied up my corner in the basement and found loads of yarn I'd had totally forgotten about!

Last weekend hubby and I took a walk through the city. We passed by the Museum of Art and Design. We didn't go in...we did go into the American Folk Art museum. They had a few quilts that were very nice. One in particular made me laugh out was made out of coin condoms...very funny. They also had a nice collection of old 1900s carousel horses.

Here is a cool building...

The exhibit at the Museum of Art and Design.

We ended our night with a meal at the Lederhosen. A pretty decent german restaurant on Grove street.

My son Chef came down from Boston. Here he is meeting his niece...

well..that is pretty much it for just busy busy at work. Am hoping to steal time to work on more projects.

Until next time...Enjoy!



At 12:19 PM, Blogger Diane said...

Boy I never took pictures of my grandkids when they were babies ... probably because I was too busy holding them. lol.

She's so pretty. Are you having fun with her? Did you ever think you could love someone as much as a grandchild?


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