Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Presenting my first on my own weaving project...I love this one. The warp is a flat cotton yarn called gima. I am using two different silks..the slubby one is handspun curicura..the second is a very very fine hemp silk. It is taking a long time to weave, but it is very calming to me.

Here is a close and personal picture. I love how the hemp silk looks in the spaces. It is going to move around some. Once I take it off the loom I'll be able to tell how'll be real funny if the thing just falls apart!

Here is a super close up, with a penny to compare, those pod looking things are curricula cocoons. I could resist buying a 1/2 ounce of them. They looked so pretty sitting in the basket. I am going to play around with making a free form crocheted wrap incorporating them into the design. That is for later. I am juggling a few too many projects at the moment.

I've received the Yarn Tree newsletter letting us all know that there are classes available for Spring 2007. I checked and yep, Weaving II was on there!! I signed up and am hoping I got in. It is amazing how quickly that class fills up. I never would have imagined that so many people would be interested. Well am keeping my fingers crossed that I got in.

Back to work for me..

Have a fantastic day!




At 4:57 PM, Blogger Artsie said...

It looks so delicate, you have ALOT of patience...


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