Thursday, February 22, 2007

Spring...Has anyone seen Spring!!

This is the Neptune Fountain in Snug Harbor. I love fountains and this is a favorite one of mine. I love sitting by it on Sunday afternoons and listen to the concerts they have right next to it. So great to feel the sun on your face and a light cool breeze. If you haven't been to Snug Harbor it is worth a trip. There is a bus that goes there from the S.I. Ferry. The #40 bus goes there. Just ask the driver to let you off at Snug Harbor. This is a great place to sit with your knitting. The Botanica Cafe serves a great lunch. I'll tell you one thing I CAN'T wait for the nice weather!!

On the crafty front there is not too much to write about. Am still working hard on Chocolate. Trying hard (really hard) not too start on the 2nd Habu kit....oh the temptation!!

KarenRebecca wanted to know about the cube I keep my yarn in. I picked those up in Target. They are real easy to put together. Surprising sturdy. They come six cubes in a box. I stacked them pretty high. I keep heavy stuff in the bottom to keep them stable! Thank you for the nice comment!

I real admire the work I see in all my daily blog viewing. I've never made socks..they scare me for some odd-ball reason. One day I'll get my courage up! I love the dyed yarn and am totally jealous of you spinners out there!! I picked up a drop spindle, had a lady at a farmers market show me how to use it, but have not mastered that. BLAH! I'll get it one day!!

It was a busy busy day today. Lots of work. I really couldn't wait to get home and play with my yarn. As Mister Hubby's uncle says "you work to go on vacation!" This year Artiste, Mom and I are hoping to go to Spain. Last time we went to Spain they wouldn't let me go into any yarn stores!! hmpf. This year I am going into a yarn store!!

This is a picture of Lojas, Spain. That is the Sierra Madre in the background. You can see an old, old Moorish building.

Well keep your eyes open for Spring!! I am on the lookout for the first Robin!




At 8:25 PM, Blogger Amanda said...

Fountain looks so relaxing to just sit by and knit. I hear ya spring...bring it on please!!


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