Sunday, February 04, 2007

2 projects sitting pretty

Before I even begin I just want to say one thing...I love Navman! We went to Artisie's yesterday and didn't get lost...we have conquered New Jersey jug handles...WAHOOOO! What a treat not getting lost! Love it yea!

Ok with that out of the is chocolate...a close up and on the couch

Next is a baby blanket in a soft minty green and beige. I have to finish this one so I can begin a second one.

I love baby blankets...I love when the baby gets older and I see them dragging the blanket around. So very cool.

I got yarn to make another wrap...the colors are very cool. I show those once I start it. So I spent another $50.00 on yarn.

Let me get back to cooking dinner. It is so durn cold here I am making a pot of chili...I am going to really enjoy it! I love it spicy...with just a little rice on the side, lots of cheddar cheese on it.

Hugs to all!



At 9:11 AM, Blogger Amanda said...

Beautiful baby blanket!!


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