Sunday, January 21, 2007

Kasumi to you baby!


Pretty productive weekend here in El Ranchito!! I finished a felted scarf project. I used Patons wool yarn and small river rocks to do those bumps...

I finished Origami...I don't like how it looks on me, but I'll wear it at just makes my butt look huge! Like I really need help in that area! LOL

So as a reward for being so darn good, Señor hubby drove me into New Yawk to Habu...hee know what is coming!! yep you know...I picked up my project from weaving class and TADA bought some yarn!!!
($94.00 on yarn so far this year)
It looks so pretty on my coffee table...heee twitching with excitment....hee giddy...ok ok...ahem. I picked up two kits. The one sitting with the candle is Kasumi Triangle Scarf. The one in the middle is Kushu Kushu merino and silk (ooooooo ssssssssssssssilk) stainless steel scarf. Yep you read that correctly my lovelies! stainless steel yarn! The cool thing about the Kushu Kushu is the merino will felt and the silk stainless steel will hold a shape! On the far right is some random yarn I picked up to do a wrap. Slubby wool, soft soft merino and some cool cotton tape to use as fringe. The last one will be my own design.

Fiber alert! For any fiber addict planning on being in New York first half of 2007...Radical Lace Subversive Knitting exhibit is on view between Jan 25th and June 17! I will be there on Saturday! I am looking forward to seeing this exhibit. Check out the web site

Well I am going back to my yarn...drats...actually I have to help Señor Hubby paint the basement family room...blah...

Take care of yourself!



At 12:51 PM, Blogger Diane said...

Just what evey woman needs .... something to make her butt look bigger. Well at least you'll looks smashing at home in Origami; from a front view.


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