Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Bright Spots


Car is fixed! it was the long as it gets me where I am going I am happy!

We had a visit from our great niece and nephew, princess d and cannoli. They are soo adorable! So lovable! They look like little dolls! Of course they take after great auntie (through marriage LOL)

On the crafting front...I've started a new weaving project. It is sloooow going. I am using silk and hemp and it is very, very fine. No pictures yet...soon.

Am working on a knitted piece, cause I love multi-tasking!!

Origiami is from Knitovation. The yarn is Patons Divine. It is nice and soft and will be great for my cold cold server room. brrrrrr.

I have to start up with the baby blankets again. Lots of co-workers are expecting babies over the summer. Must be some kind of baby virus. Isn't it strange how you get waves of babies. Amazing! Well as long as it isn't me!!

Winter sale is going on now at Habu. I'll be stopping by on totally addicted to their yarn!

Keep warm it is starting to really get cold as heck out there!

I am calling up for chinese take out tonight so I'll be working on Origami...or maybe the blanket...

Hugs to all!



At 9:06 PM, Blogger Diane said...

I'm a sucker for cute kid pics and those two are about as cute as they come. January 10th and we're finally starting to get cold weather. Wonder if that means we'll have snow until June to make up for this warmth.


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