Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Time Flies


No pictures today...It's been crazy busy here. Weaving in ends and matching colors to people. I just have to wrap! Is it me or is that the yuckiest part of the holidays? I think this year I am going the gift bag route. I've got a lot of stuff finished. I'll take pictures and post after the holidays...The Artiste does look at this space so I don't want her to know what Sandy Claws is bringing her! I am hoping for a new picture for my office. I've too many empty white wall space. Once the Habu weave show is over on Friday I'll hang my piece in my office for color. That came around quick. It feels like yesterday I was looking forward to starting the class...Time Flies!

I did get my grubby paws on some Indonesian silk worm coccoons. They are a lovely golden shade. I matched up some real fine silk yarn for the weft, and a cotton gima for the warp to coordinate with the cocoons. I figure I'll incorporate the coccoons in the fabric as I weave. Yes, that I'll take pictures of when I start. Nice thing about the cocoons no worm mummies!! Apparently the Indonesians eat them as they are a delicacy!! YEA!

I've got the village set up and the tree. This weekend I'll see my nephews and nieces I'll have lots of pictures then. they are so adorable! Just like their auntie!

Enjoy your day!

Hugs to all!



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