Friday, December 29, 2006


I knew it was going to be a rough chrimbo when the volt light went on in the car. BLAH...volt light, volt light...what the heck is a volt light and what the heck does it do!!!!!! so carless in NY, can't go to mom's for traditional christmas..we stayed home. We've never stayed home. Imagine that. It wasn't to to bad...Artsie and family + mom came to see us on christmas day, still it wasn't the same. I missed the little gnomes tearing through pressies...and grumpy brother teasing. Hubby and his pal Opera singer playing jokes on each other. sad. Car is still in the shop. I have a horrible stomach virus thing going on...I have been holding down water so it may get better. It will be a very quiet New Year.
Above is a picture from the Habu show. You'll notice Teacher's Pet hanging on the wall there. and this is a picture of Linda the Greatest Weaving Instructor ever!

Happy New Year to you all...Keep safe!




At 8:09 PM, Blogger Diane said...

Very nice collection of weaving on display. Sorry to hear about your car troubles. My check engine light is on .... again. They hooked it up to a machine to find out what was wrong and from the codes determined that the ECG valve (????) was getting too little oxygen AND the ECG valve was also getting too much oxygen. Whatever.

Happy New Year!


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