Saturday, October 07, 2006


I am really enjoying the weaving class. The group is made up of a lot of very creative people. The instructor, Linda, is great!! I am so happy I signed up for the class. Here is a picture of my practice piece.

On Wednesday this piece will be taken off the loom and we'll start the warp for our first real project.

This is the loom on the stand. I like this loom it folds up very easily and fits nicely into the carrying case. It is kind of heavy, maybe not heavy awkward to carry on the train

I am using very strong colors for my first project. So, so out of character for me. I normally like soft muted colors! This is a good shot of the project yarns. The yarn on the cones is for the warp. It is Cotton Gima. The ameyst and gold colors yarns are linen paper. They start off real crackly like, but soften with use. Sharp eyes will recognize the balls of yarn from the trip to the Union Square farmers market. I didn't know what to make with this yarn..I think I may use this in the project. I am not sure yet. It is much heavier than the two yarns here. The colors are gorgeous no!! I am thinking of doing plain weave just like on the practice piece with either leno or the pattern shown above. Either one will be nice.

Now I haven't only been weaving. I made a baby blanket for one of the girls at work. (I forgot to take pictures. It was adorable will have to make another one!) The shower was adorable. They did a halloween theme shower. I made a 2nd for another work shower that is coming up. That one I will show after as I want it to be a surprise. I've also done a little bit more Christmas present...those will not be shown as yet.

Here is a parting picture of the fountain that is in the park outside of City Hall. It was very busy that day!


Take care of yourself!



At 1:21 PM, Blogger becky said...

Those colors are beautiful! While I also love muted colors, I think that the colors you chose for your weaving project are going to be really interesting to work with.

At 8:25 PM, Blogger Alyson said...

Great colors!!

I am SO curious about those linen paper yarns. Have you ever knitted with them?


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