Monday, October 16, 2006

Santa's Workshop


I thought I'd post a picture of my Great-Grandma. I love pictures! My mom and aunts have a few pictures of the women in my family. We all have the same look. Amazing!

I've spent a busy weekend making Christmas Pressies! Oh what fun!! I can't show anything, but I can say the colors are GORGEOUS Dahlings!

I get the warp on the loom on Wednesday for my Weaving project. I can't wait! I will keep the design nice and simple. I am looking forward to going to The Yarn Tree for the dyeing workshop. What fun! Michaels is having a great sale on yarn. I got some more baby blanket yarn. There are a lot of babies due! It's an epidemic!!!

I am also working on a felt project that I saw on the Bella Dia website. I don't think it will turn out as nice as her project will take some practice. I will make some of those for the nieces for Christmas.

Enjoy your week!

Take care of yourselves.



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