Friday, May 05, 2006

Oh Yes Mr. Postman!!

Finally Friday...It is really Friday!

This was the longest day in my life. Oh hecky yes I really didn't think I'd get through the week. Enough moaning! Mr. Postman, my favorite man in the world, brought some beautiful yarn to the cottage on S.I. I think I will set myself up with some delish Margaritas and start working on a new shawl. Is it for me or maybe a Christmas present...well time will tell! Here is the very delicate icy yarn draped over my dining room chair waiting to be rolled up. The yarn is so soft I can not wait to start in...oh boy!
Good thing the Lola Monster isn't around...she loves to snatch yarn and run around like a maniac. There she is looking to see what to grab..hmm cake? Bag of yarn or finished shawl..

Enjoy the weekend!



At 12:31 AM, Blogger JoanM said...

Hi Marie,
I have joined you with the UFO Knitters Ring. We also have a team blog at which you are very welcome to join.
Its fun when the pets "help" out. I have to hide my knitting from my daughter's cat who has a yarn fetish


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