Sunday, October 29, 2006

I'm Weaving! I'm Weaving!!


Here is my loomy with warp ends in place! This is a time consuming, sore back making, process. That we went through last Wednesday. Thank you Linda and Toni for your patience! We have to measure out 4 yards + an extra foot on our warping board and wind 100 ends for our first project. Talk about repetitive motion babeeeee! After that, ensuring the cross is protective at all times! We thread the loom...only the slots! After that we clean tension, roll, until we get to the end. At the end our first HORRIFYING moment! we cut the ends. We use slip knots to hold in and we thread the holes. Once the holes are threaded we tie weavers knots - one last tension!! We weave our header...and AWAY we go!

Here is loomy in the sun...I have no planned patter for this project. I am (in the words of Vincent) letting it flow! LOL! I love how the paper yarn looks! The cotton is holding up very well. I've got 61 inches done so far. I have to do 78.

Well Enjoy your day! It looks very breezy out there! I'm going back to loomy to weave some more!



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