Thursday, June 08, 2006

One down...3 bazillion to go

Yep finished the fluffy, fuzzy totally swingy scarfy thing! predicted a certain Ris lifted it off the hook before I could run around in circles doing the "I FINISHED" dance...hmpf.

Awwww there is the Ris with her friend. The lovely swingy thing draped around and ready to rock. Does anyone want to see a close-up is fuzzy swingy thing lounging on a table

Now for the details...The fuzzy yarn is Moda Dea Vixen color is Fushia. The light pink is Peter Pan yarn in well Pink!

So what is next what is next...a shawl?

Well to end the night with a NYC picture... You are looking North right in the middle of the picture is the Chrysler building and behind that is the Citicorp slanty view from a conference room.




At 8:52 AM, Blogger MandyJ said...

Very cute scarf!!! A shawl would be a great next project, I'm thinking of starting a summer wrap. "Thinking" about it LOL.


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