Thursday, June 01, 2006

Finally some fiber!!

Introducing Pointy Sisters!!! I know it is about time. I just needed a little inspiration. A co-worker was having trouble with her baby blanket and that just started me off. It is a pretty easy pattern, and should look great once it is done. My daughter has claimed it! She said she will wear it around her waist.

A falcon family has a nest on the building where I work. It is amazing how quickly the chicks grow. Less than a week ago they were yellow downy critters that would fall asleep right after eating. Now they are stretching their wings. They do not go near the edge of the building ledge. Betcha didn't know there are falcons living in NY City. The cool part is you can see them flying around from certain client rooms. What a great city this is!

Today was the kick off of the River to River festivals. Everyday there is something going on in the city. Free concerts, street performers lots of stuff to go to during lunch hour. Check out the web site

We had a nice picnic over the weekend with my sister the artist, her fiance the opera singer and his daughter.

It is almost Friday!! Enjoy your weekend and with any luck Point Sisters will be done!


Keep safe!



At 6:03 PM, Blogger MandyJ said...

NYC is one of the places I have on my must visit list. It sounds like nothing else (I live in a very small town). Have a great weekend :-D


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