Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Happy Bday Baby


My DH's bday was Sunday. So we had a nice bbq with his brother and their family. It was really nice weather and it was lots of fun to see everyone. Burgers and hotdogs were delish!
Here is Hubby with his great niece Princess D...awww. He was very surprised, but he did say he thought something was up when I didn't ask for a ride to the LYS! hahahaha
Here we have the back 40..tomatoes, basil and lettuce in the rectangular planter and in big round clay planter we have lettuce. The barrel in the background holds my herbs. We will see how long before we can harvest (HEEHEE.) Yep I am very envious of knitters who live on farms!!

Now a pretty picture..Yarn!! A bargain at a buck a skein. Thank you Michaels. For now am still working on baby blankets, but am almost done. Next, a hawaiian style dress for a sweet 16 my daughter is going to. fun, fun, fun. Have a fantastic night!



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