Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Oh Yea Babeeeee! (one down three to go)

I finished one baby blanket. It was a nice quick crochet all done while sitting out on the stoop in the sun. I could get use to staying wouldn't be a good idea though, I would run out of cash pretty durn quick with my stash enhancement addiction. Now should I do another star blanket in a different color or something fancier. decisions, decisions!

Today I may either get my hair cut or go into the City. I have a hankering for some clam chowder from the oyster bar...mmmmm drool! I picked up a really cool pattern for a 194os suit. I want to visit a fabric store for ideas.

I've had the chance to watch the dog whisperer on tv. That stuff really works. Lola the killer dog was good as gold yesterday! There may be some hope of training the beast! yeeeeha!

Have some fun in the sun!!


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