Thursday, February 10, 2011


I finished the sweater for Mimi...of course it vanished into her room as soon as she saw it..what's not to love hot pink with sparkles...yikes...will post a picture of her wearing it in the morning when there is better light. For now it is in my room waiting on a button.

Being unemployed is interesting. At first I felt I should be doing something, being productive. I kept thinking that there was something I was forgetting. I would obsessively check my email and find that there was nothing there. Nothing was pending. No one was waiting on me to deliver something. There were no calls, no emails, no messages, no spreadsheets...nothing...nothing...not a single thing. After so many years of planning, working, motivating, meeting, collaborating..non-stop activity...there is just silence...stillness. There is time to breathe and to think. I've time for walks...yep I walk every day even when it is so cold my eyes tear. I think. I've never had time to think about what I wanted for myself. So lets see what will happen. I think it is just great to have that time to breathe and reflect on what my next step should be.

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